Welcome to Exquisite Living

awardsAs I type this introduction to my blog, I have a chilled glass of champagne poised at the corner of my keyboard and a few pieces of perfectly cooked bacon by my mouse.

If you’re just finishing up a stressful day in front of your computer, or right in the middle of one, this blog will be your virtual vacation spot so bookmark me now. This blog will take you to off-the-beaten path destinations including castles, islands, country farms and historic mansions—not only in the local area but in California, throughout the US and Europe. I’ll also take you into my kitchen, where vegetarian bacon lasagna hits the table regularly. We’ll tour my overgrown garden and I’ll even take you into the surgical operating room where I have been shooting professional photography for more than 20 years. I am also an avid solo traveler so if you’ve ever wanted to take a trip alone, stick with me. I’ll include special travel tips just for you. I’ll also keep you abreast of upcoming events and the trendiest hot spots including the best places for happy hour.

As for me? On most mornings you’ll find me in the local coffee shop with my “crew.” This is one of my favorite times of the day. I have traveled throughout the United States and Europe, some parts of Africa and the Middle East. I’ve also lived in Paris for two years where I learned a little French and became obsessed with good coffee. I shoot professional photography and my clients include TIME Magazine and The New York Times, Royal Bank of Scotland, Russian Picture Group, Clive Cussler (Author), Institute Pasteur International, the Paris Medical University and the European Hematology Association. I believe boots can be worn year-round, bacon is the fifth food group and champagne is the sixth. I’m not a fan of taxi cabs or buses and prefer to feel the street beneath my feet. Hence, you’ll see me wearing sneakers in most photos. The name of my bike does not start with “mountain” or “10-speed” and dons a basket and the ever important bell. I’m sure I have a salt addiction because I always travel with my favorite salt. 

Favorite quote:  The answer is always ‘no’ until you ask.” ― Papa Stan (my Dad)

My “official” photography website: www.sdspray.com

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 The photo below is me in front of the Biltmore Estate in Ashville, NC. Please note, no lions were harmed while taking this photo.


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