Arizona Evening Beauty

Last night we enjoyed happy hour at one of the local restaurants called The Herb Box Market at Southbridge. My sister is always in search of the perfect happy hour so if you live in Scottsdale, please send your recommendations! Happy hour is a great way to enjoy dinner at a nice restaurant without handing over your entire wallet. Also, if your traveling solo it’s the best time to dine. (You might even meet someone) The tastings are all 50% off and the wines and drinks are also discounted. The kids sip off the crazy mixed drink menu sans the alcohol while we adults hit the grape. Following happy hour we walked over to Southbridge and saw this incredible sunset. The desert sky seems to have a fairy that paints and blends the most beautiful colors. It was a wonderful evening. Today we’re visiting the Arabian Horse Farm tour and we can’t wait! Click to Follow and you’ll be first to see these spectacular animals.

scottsdale sunsethappy hour

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