Mendocino Sunset Wine Walk

When I come to Mendocino I always try to get here by sunset, so I can walk along the cliffs, breathing in the salty air, sipping a glass of wine. Since it’s June, the sun sets much later, so I could have dinner, and then bundle up for my walk. Yes, for those of you battling the heat, it’s freezing here. I wore a coat, hat and gloves!

So as I close off this amazing day I’ll share some photos of my walk along the cliffs of enchanting Mendocino. I’ll tell you more about my hotel tomorrow…but just a couple of things to know about it tonight. It’s almost 200 years old, and the historical building where I’m staying is haunted…well, the second floor is haunted….Which is where I’m staying.

Thanks for traveling along with me! I’ll let you know if I see the ghost tonight!


Here is the path from Main St


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