Stagecoach Road

If you visit the town of Pescadero, which is located off highway 1 in Northern California, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve blogged on it a few times so I thought I’d tell you about a scenic drive that will take you back to highway 1 if you’re heading north.

If you drive through town and keep going straight you’ll drive past the local cemetery which will be on your right. Just follow that road and enjoy some beautiful scenery. You’ll see cows, dodge deer, and wind around some gorgeous hills.

When the road hits a T you’ll see a country store on front of you. Stop in and get a beverage and stroll the isles. they have a lot of interesting things including a huge hat selection. I totally forgot to note the name so I will have to add that later. Then head west for about a mile and you’ll see highway 1 again. Here’s another pic from my drive today.


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