Dinner at Trio: Road Trip to Jackson Hole


I found a fabulous restaurant called Trio and had dinner. It was amazing! Here’s what I ordered: Pan seared pheasant breast, foie gras, leek and mushroom stuffing, parsnip purΓ©e and sour cherry gastrique. Yum πŸ˜‰

3 States, 1 Day: Road Trip to Jackson Hole

Yesterday I did a fabulous drive from Salt Lake City to Jackson Hole Wyoming, along Highway 89. Here are some of my photos…first some from the backroads in Utah:




Into Idaho! This my OMG – I have been up since 3am, have been driving for hours and I’m finally here “look”. Don’t worry, you won’t see it too often πŸ˜‰



And then over the border into Wyoming!



I got to Jackson around 6pm. What a cute town! Dinner blog to follow!!!



Bear Lake – Road Trip to Jackson Hole Wyoming

So I left you with a photo of the wing of a plane and a map and then dropped off the face of the earth!

As I type this it’s almost 8pm and I’m actually in Jackson Hole. I’m still in my faded jeans and cozy on a bar stool in a fabulous restaurant called Trio. I wanted to send you some photos from my drive today. I had no wifi most of the day so sending a text seemed like an urban legend. Posting a blog, impossible.

So in this post I’ll show you Bear Lake. It was a key stop because the views were amazing. I also found a good place fir lunch. When you drive in from Salt Lake City you are coming off a mountain pass. You’ll see a rest stop and all I can say is STOP. You’ll be impressed by the views!


After the “grand decent” to the water level I started to look for a place to eat and I found a fun spot. They specialize in fresh raspberry shakes and I actually waited 15 minutes for them to make 40 shakes for a bus load of kids. They are so thick a spoon stands straight up. They have a ton of flavored as you can see in the photo.

The place is called the Quick and Tasty. The shake was good. I also got the cheese burger with bacon and fries. Those were ok but I have had better, either way I ate them anyway – I was staving!



My dinner just arrived so I’m signing off for now!

Jackson Hole WY Road Trip – Take Off

I’m going to take you to a place I’ve always wanted to visit – Jackson Hole Wyoming! As I’m typing this I’m on a Southwest flight that left at 6am. That never sounds that bad until your alarm goes off at 3am. I’m in a pair of very faded jeans, Uggs and a hoody – which is what I think everyone should wear when the are getting dressed that early. I hear the cell phone reception isn’t that great but I will still try to post along the way. The map shows where I’ll be driving. I will take you along the winding backroads of Wyoming. Thanks for traveling with me! Next stop is Salt Lake City!