Stinson Beach for Breakfast Listening to the Waves

If you go the Stinson Beach you must eat at the Breakers Cafe!! I ordered the #1 breakfast enchiladas w bacon, fire roasted green chiles, homemade tortillas and then I take it over to the beach and eat, sitting on the sand…oh, and don’t forget to order a side of red chile sauce!

Down by the beach and the walking path




Jackson Hole WY Road Trip – Take Off

I’m going to take you to a place I’ve always wanted to visit – Jackson Hole Wyoming! As I’m typing this I’m on a Southwest flight that left at 6am. That never sounds that bad until your alarm goes off at 3am. I’m in a pair of very faded jeans, Uggs and a hoody – which is what I think everyone should wear when the are getting dressed that early. I hear the cell phone reception isn’t that great but I will still try to post along the way. The map shows where I’ll be driving. I will take you along the winding backroads of Wyoming. Thanks for traveling with me! Next stop is Salt Lake City!


In The Fog, Highway 1 Coastal Drive

It’s 9am and I’m just outside the quaint town of Santa Cruz. The fog is thick and it’s actually a bit hard to see the road in front of me. I love this type of weather. I saw this farm barely visible from the road and pulled over take a pic. Photographing fog is one of my favorite things to do. The ghost like image can be quite haunting. Just wanted to say morning! And I’ll see you at my next stop.