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Menemsha Fish Market Lobster Lunch


20140520-125556-46556651.jpg Imagine sitting at a rustic picnic table by the harbor, splitting open a fresh, steamed lobster. Melted butter and lemon at the ready. If you’re on Martha’s Vineyard and want to experience the local lobster, avoid the expensive restaurants and head over to the harbor in Menemsha. It’s a small, quaint area with a few shops and one of my favorite places, the Menemsha Fish Market where I order lobster at least once while I’m on island. In fact I’m there right now, typing this in the sun, just having finished lunch. Here are some photos:










When you go say hi to Stanley who owns the place, Erisa and Kate!

And if you were wondering if it was good….



2 thoughts on “Menemsha Fish Market Lobster Lunch

  1. That looks like a really lovely spot to sit out and eat. We experienced a similar setting in Bar Harbour many moons ago. Lobster doesn’t like me but my husband ordered it. As he crunched the tools into it, this squirt of dirty green liquid leapt from the belly of the lobster into my plate of pasta and all over my shirt. Nice. All four of my kids are keen to try lobster which might make for an expensive lunch some time.

  2. Fantastiske bilder og det sΓ₯ nydelig utπŸ˜„

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