Vegetarian BACON Lasagna!


For those of you who know me – you know I LOVE bacon. I’ve been in this relationship since I was a child. It wasn’t one I had to constantly work on.  No, no, no… It seems to always just be there. In my drawer, at the store, on a plate on my desk….So it just made sense one day, bacon would be the perfect 5th food group – in lasagna! And hence it was born… My special Vegetarian Bacon Lasagna.

I hope I’m not posting this too late for those of you trying to decide what to cook for Super Bowl Sunday. As I sit at my desk it’s early morning on that exact day. I’m sure men and women had sleepless nights, tossing and turning, and dreaming the color of the team they are hoping to win. But as you check your email, Facebook, Linked In pages – wrapped under your covers, I hope this will give you the perfect recipe. Imagine sitting in front of the TV with a huge plate of steaming Bacon Lasagna, ice cold beer in your hand, watching your favorite team play. This recipe is packed with fresh vegetables, multiple cheeses and a few surprises, capers being one.

My Vegetarian Bacon Lasagna Recipe

Your shopping list:

  • Package of bacon – cooked so it’s crispy (pre-cooked, microwave ready, or standard is fine)
  • Lasagna noodles – 1 box – I like the kind you don’t have to boil but if you like to boil then go for it
  • Ricotta cheese – larger sized container
  • 2 eggs
  • Parmesan cheese
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Sour cream
  • Jar of capers
  • Vegetables: Whatever you like but here are some ideas: These are ones you’ll want to sauté first: Eggplant, mushrooms, zucchini, onion, garlic. I also love spinach but don’t cook it first. You’re just going to layer it raw.
  • Pasta sauce: Either make it yourself or get a jar. I like Newman’s tomato basil
  • Can of chicken broth to sauté things in
  • I think that’s it


How To:

  • Pre-heat oven to 375 degrees
  • First I prep everything, sauté onions, add sliced zucchini, mushrooms and whatever else you think you’d like
  • I slice the eggplant into thin discs and sauté them with a little chicken broth
  • Cook the bacon (I guess you could cook it first and then use the oil to sauté the veggies but that just doesn’t seem quite right)
  • Prepare the Ricotta cheese by adding 2 eggs and mixing it up
  • Once everything is ready, you just layer. I put the pasta sauce on first, then the noodles, then the ricotta cheese, veggies, bacon, other cheeses, a few capers, spinach, a dollop of sour cream.
  • If you use the no boil noodles you need to make sure they are by something moist (pasta sauce or ricotta cheese)
  • The last layer should have pasta sauce and cheese on top.
  • Save out a few pieces of bacon to put on top


  • Cover with a sheet of non-stick foil and place the dish on a cookie sheet. I do that so that if it bubbles over, your oven still stays clean
  • Bake at 375 degrees for around 30-45 minutes. It’s hard to say because it depends on how large your baking dish is. It should be bubbling. I also take the foil off when it’s ready and let it cook just a bit longer to brown the top.
  • Let it sit for about 10 minutes to let everything absorb together
  • Put your bacon garnish on
  • Voila! You’re done!
  • Serve with a fabulous red wine or super cold beer!!!  And of course, GO NINERS!!!


Let Your Stress Float Away – It’s Time for a Catalina Island Adventure

This is a fabulous trip to take in the fall! Cheers!

When I was a little girl, we’d travel to Michigan where we stayed in a cottage built by Great Grandpa Spray. Summer days were spent sailing, fishing and eating loads of homemade ice cream. We also had an old speed boat. I remember riding in the back, watching the wake spread out behind me. I loved watching that wake –it was if all my stresses were floating away into the smoky white mist.  It also meant I was moving forward, no longer standing still – And if I was moving, then I knew I was sure to discover something new.

I felt the same way this past week as I was watching another wake spread out like white champagne bubbles, my hair blowing frantically in the wind. I was in for a treat as I was heading toward the beautiful, relaxing Island of Catalina.


I had been to Catalina Island

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Wisteria Antiques & Design – A Day Trip to the French Countryside

My friend Wanda told me about a few places to visit along the coast by Santa Cruz California so off I went. She’s got great taste so I alway trust her recommendations. And alas, she was right, Wisteria will make you feel like you’re touring the French countryside. You’ll tour a home built in 1914 filled with French antiques, and incredible gifts with a French flare. If you’re near Santa Cruz this is a must see!









Here’s the address: 5870 Soquel Drive, Soquel, CA 841.462.2900

Back Roads of Vermont

Today I drove through the back roads of Vermont. I’ve visited this incredible state many times and every time I’m here, I fall in love with it even more. There’s a peace and tranquility that wraps itself around you. I find myself pulling over so others can pass, so caught up in the scenery. Here are some photos to hopefully help show it’s amazing beauty.




I ended up in Woodstock which I stumbled upon years ago. There’s a lovely covered bridge and a grand hotel called the Woodstock Inn and Resort. It’s one of my favorites.



There’s a lot of history which I will add. I’m typing this on my phone so I don’t have the luxury of a computer by my side. For now I’ll add some photos of the town and add to this later. I hope you’ll stop back!





The Vermont Country Store

You can’t help but stop when you see these country stores along the backroads of Vermont.


20140525-113703-41823601.jpgSo picturesque is the scenery as you wind your way past red barns, fields iced with yellow flowers, horses, cows and sheep keeping busy snacking on grass. Then you see the quaint country store and you simply must stop. At least I do. The Vermont Country store has everything including fudge and cheese tasting. There is also a fabulous dairy bar. Here are some pics