Let Your Stress Float Away – It’s Time for a Catalina Island Adventure

This is a fabulous trip to take in the fall! Cheers!

When I was a little girl, we’d travel to Michigan where we stayed in a cottage built by Great Grandpa Spray. Summer days were spent sailing, fishing and eating loads of homemade ice cream. We also had an old speed boat. I remember riding in the back, watching the wake spread out behind me. I loved watching that wake –it was if all my stresses were floating away into the smoky white mist.  It also meant I was moving forward, no longer standing still – And if I was moving, then I knew I was sure to discover something new.

I felt the same way this past week as I was watching another wake spread out like white champagne bubbles, my hair blowing frantically in the wind. I was in for a treat as I was heading toward the beautiful, relaxing Island of Catalina.


I had been to Catalina Island

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