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Biltmore Estate Asheville, NC – A View from Walter’s Back



While I’m working on the blog that will show you the secret path from the Historical Inn to the Biltmore Estate I’ll send some information on the horseback ride I did. The first photo shows the back of Walter’s head – the best horse ever. Slow and steady, he did tail-gate a bit and ate along the way. But most important he got me there and back safe and sound. Where is there? We road along the back trails, over to a hilltop which had an incredible view of the estate. When you visit the Biltmore Estate I’d highly recommend the trail ride. Ask for Walter and tell him I said “hi”!

Quick tips: You can make reservations in Antler Village for the trail ride. PS – They won’t allow you to bring a purse so leave it back at your hotel.

2 thoughts on “Biltmore Estate Asheville, NC – A View from Walter’s Back

  1. Hi Shelley, I’ve been there and it IS lovely, isn’t it.

    • I so agree Karen – I would love to go back this year but I’m not sure my schedule will allow me to get away. Maybe in the fall πŸ˜‰ Hope you get back too!

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