Me and Rachel the Pig

PhotoGirlTravels Rachel the Pig

If you love bacon, then how can you not love pigs? Maybe that’s a contradictory idea, but I’ll throw it out anyway. When I mentioned I was going to Seattle on Facebook (, one of my dear friends Kathryn, begged me to sit on the pig. I had not heard of “the pig” but added it to my list of to-dos. While walking down Pikes Market I inquired about the pig. When I finally found her she was covered with small children – slipping and sliding off her round, plump body. In fact, you can see this is a common occurrence because the metal is worn to-a-shine from the bodies draped over her all… day… long. I had promised to climb aboard so shamelessly shewed the children off her back.  I must really love this friend because I tossed my germaphobic  tendencies out the door, and with some effort, climbed on up (she’s a slippery old thing)

After I got home I did a little research and here is what I found about that ol pig:

  • Her name is Rachel (Known to the locals as “Rachel the Pig” which makes total sense)
  • This little piggy gets to see it all, the flying fish, fresh produce, performing artists, runny noses, and a lot of rain (probably a good thing to wash all the germs off!)
  • She was actually hit by a car and had to be removed and repaired (poor Rachel). Thank heaven she was back in time for my trip.

All in all, she was a smooth ride….And sorry Rachel, even though you are pretty cute, I still love bacon…

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