Road Trip to Mendocino: The Golden Gate Bridge


First stop while heading over to Highway 1 is the Golden Gate Bridge. I’d a very cool experience to drive the 1.7 miles across this incredible bridge. If you’re doing this trip I highly urge you to take a break, and stop at the look-out point.  To get there, take the first right after you cross the bridge heading north. The views are amazing and it’s totally worth the stop. Here are a few quick facts about this beautiful bridge:

  • The Golden Gate Bridge’s paint color is orange vermillion, also called international orange. Architect Irving Morrow selected the color because it blends with the bridge’s setting
  • In 1965, the original paint was removed because of corrosion and replaced with a inorganic zinc silicate primer and an acrylic emulsion top coat, a project that took 30 years. Today, painters touch up the paint continuously
  • About 41 million per year, counting both north- and southbound crossings
  • Eleven workers died during construction, a new safety record for the time
  • The total length of the bridge including approaches is 1.7 miles

We’re off, heading toward the coast!

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