Spontaneous Road Trip up Highway 1

Tomorrow morning we are hitting the road!!! Where you may ask? I’m not exactly sure but I know we’ll leave early. I also know I want to take us over the Golden Gate Bridge, up highway 1 and then just head north…having no idea where we’ll end up.

Knowing me we’ll be on the road early and should have our first glimpse of the ocean by 8/9am. I can’t wait to smell the ocean, watch the sunrise and sip my cup of Starbucks…all at the same time.

For this trip we have no reservations. I have no idea where we’ll be tomorrow night and actually no idea how long we’ll drive. 2 days, a week???? Who knows!

Here are some places we might visit. If you have a vote then chime in and write me a comment. Bodega Bay, Mendocino, Clear Lake, Avenue of the Giants, Mt Shasta, Ashland, OR, Napa Valley/Sonoma for some wine tasting??? Living in Nor CAL there are a lot of choices. I feel very lucky and blessed.

I’m off to bed but will see you in the morning…. Bright and early! Sweet dreams and get ready for a fun adventure!!!

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