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The Mayflower, Ok, That’s a Small Ship!


I’m blogging live and just arrived in the quaint town of Plymouth. Here you can stroll through quaint shops and see a replica of the Mayflower. Its a gorgeous morning and the dogwoods are in bloom, branches draped in pink and white. I took a walk over to see the ship and here are some photos.






Next I’ll take you along 3a which hugs the coastline and down to the 6a which is the backroad drive to the quaint town of Chatham, MA. Hope you’ll follow along!

2 thoughts on “The Mayflower, Ok, That’s a Small Ship!

  1. We are taking a family trip that includes Plymouth this summer. I’ve never been before. My husband and kids are Mayflower descendants (via John Alden and Priscilla Mullins) so it has a family history element as well as a national history element we want to explore. Your post is like an appetizer for that trip.

  2. Wonderful pictures. I especially like the rigging shot!

    If anyone would like to see how the Mayflower was built, there is a Project in the port of Harwich, England (the birthplace of its Master Christopher Jones and probably the place where the Mayflower was built) that is building a life size replica of the ship to set sail in 2020 to commemorate the original voyage to The New World 400 years ago. I’m the official photographer for the project and will be documenting the build from start to launch in pictures via my blog.

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