Early Morning Walk in Chatham, MA

I know a lot of look forward to sleeping in when you’re on vacation. I here to say get up as early as you can! There is nothing better than experiencing the cool, quiet mornings when it’s just you and the birds.  I woke up early and strolled the quite streets to find a place that serves coffee early… with coffee in hand I set off!  Here are some of the photos from my walk this morning from the town of Chatham down to the waters edge.







There are some gorgeous homes down by the water!!! Time to head to Martha’s Vineyard. Off to Woods Hole where I’ll catch the boat over.

Where TO stay!

After a really bad experience with the Chatham Wayside Inn I realized I could make the trip with my Mom and am now staying at the Chatham Bars Inn!  I’ll write a blog on it soon but here is the contact information: For more information or to reserve, please call
Chatham Bars Inn at 1.844.733.3215 or The Lowell Hotel at 1.212-605-6817.


I had a really bad experience with the Chatham Wayside Inn. I made my reservation over the phone about 2.5 weeks out. I asked about the cancellation policy and was told I needed to do it by Monday which was 2 weeks before the date I was going to stay.  Here’s where it get’s sketchy. NO mention was made over the phone about a $75 cancellation fee. I would have noted it because I would have waited to make my reservation.  When I called on Monday to cancel I was billed $75.00.  This is a hotel to be cautious about and on my list of where to stay and not stay this is where I would not stay. There are too many other options. To ensure you have the correct hotel to avoid it is located at 512 Main St, Chatham, MA 02633

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