After 20 Years, I Finally Have NEW Sticks!

Me and my new shoes ;)
Me and my new shoes πŸ˜‰

It always starts with a new pair of shoes. A good friend of mine got me back into golf which was not only fun…but yes, required a new pair of shoes. When I first got the invitation to play a round of 18, I promptly made my way into my storage area. I knew I had a set of clubs and a pair of golf shoes. After moving my 50 Christmas decoration boxes (I do love the holidays) – I finally found my clubs. I dusted them off (they could have used a good run under a professional leaf blower). Then, I carefully peaked down into the bag to see if there were any mice peaking back out. I’ve always wondered if you left a bag long enough, would a mouse find it and make it their home? Sure the bag was animal-free; I brought it up to my driveway. Not too bad I thought. 20 years old and still looking pretty good. The shoes were harder to find. After an afternoon of racking my brain…where could I possibly put them! I found them tucked into one of my Halloween decoration boxes. I have no idea why they would be there…but there they were.

I decided a quick run to the driving range was in order before I stepped foot on the course. Donning my east-coast, two-toned shoes and lugging an incredibly heavy bag of clubs behind me, I fed a $10.00 bill into the machine and got a large bucket of balls (this is going to prove to be an expensive sport). At the time, I had no idea the world of golf had changed. I do remember I got a few “looks” as I was whacking away at my large bucket. Was it the cute shoes? My swing? Noooo…I’m sure it was my clubs and antiquated bag that was the cause of all those stares. I was way behind the times. Here is a photo of my shoes that first day back on the range, and my club…

Ahhhh, yes, my classic two tones retro shoes
Ahhhh, yes, my classic two-toned, retro shoes

The morning of my first game, I discovered an entirely new world. That day I borrowed a set of clubs and wore my 20 year old shoes. The irons seemed similar but the driver blew my mind. I could not believe how large it was! The photo below shows my old driver next to a new one. It almost doesn’t seem fair….!

My ancient drive next to a NEW one!
My ancient drive next to a NEW one!

Playing with the new driver and a few tweaks as to where I needed to place the ball in my stance, I could see a difference. So what happened? I found myself out looking for a new pair of shoes…and it was all downhill from there. I was hooked! If you follow my blog you know I’ve golfed before. Over the years, I drifted away from the sport but like a boomerang, but I guess I’m now back.

My shadow in the simulator trying new clubs
My shadow in the simulator trying new clubs

After playing a few times I decided I also needed a new set of clubs. The last time I purchased a set was about 20 years ago. As I mentioned, the drivers used to be the size of a lemon and now they look like a bowling ball. So when I decided to purchase clubs, the guys down at the coffee shop told me about a few places to get my clubs fitted (Thanks Bradley and Steve). And then, I learned about the PGA Superstore from my good friend Susan. Imagine Bloomingdales but all they have are golf items. I’m sure you men out there are rolling your eyes, but it is a golf-lover’s heaven (And the only store I can think to compare it to is either Bloomingdales or Nordstrom’s)

The PGA Superstore...the golf bag section
The PGA Superstore…the golf bag section

So back to the acquisition of my new clubs. The first time I went into the PGA Superstore I was actually a bit shy. I’m not a really good player and was a little worried they would look at me crossed eyed when I mentioned I’d like to try some clubs. I walked over to the area where they have a long row of simulation booths – where you can hit and a computer will tell you your club and ball speed, trajectory, length of drive, etc. One of the Pros who works there walked up to me and asked me how he could help – his name was Marty Fossum and he seemed very interested in helping me out. From that point forward, I felt right at home.

Marty helped start the club fitting process and not once did I feel rushed. If you get your clubs fitted they will measure, check to see if they need to adjust your lie angle, confirm shaft length, type and brand. The way they check to see which brand you like is by interchanging the different heads – Titleist, Ping, Taylor Made, Cobra, etc. There are a ton of brands, so get ready to hit a bunch of shots. When I got finished, I had a good idea which one I liked but wanted to come back and try it again. “No problem” said Marty. He told me they don’t work off commission so the most important thing they want to do is fit you with the clubs that work best for you…not them. And I liked that.

I came back two more times and on it was on the third time that I ordered my new irons. Below are some photos from the day I purchased my clubs. That day Michael Brown helped me out and he was GREAT! He adjusted a few things including shaft length which I really appreciated, was incredibly patient, and I finally pulled the trigger. Also, Chris Mullane came over and helped me with my swing. Chris is a 37 year PGA teaching PRO and has fitted clubs for over 17 years. Also, the day I got my clubs was his birthday so Happy Birthday Chris! If you’d like lessons I’d ask for Chris. Also, Nathan Brown, who is the Hard Goods Supervisor was very helpful too.

Me in the simuluation booth!
Me in the simuluation booth!
Chris Mullane (left) and Michael Brown (right) - SO MUCH FUN and so helpful!
Chris Mullane (left – Happy Birthday!) and Michael Brown (right) – SO MUCH FUN and so helpful!
Ordering my irons! My new bag is on the right. Mathew Green (left) Michael Brown (next) Me, Steven Fijak (right)
Ordering my irons! My new bag is on the right. Mathew Green (left) Michael Brown (next) Me, Steven Fijak (right)

Ok, flash forward about a 1.5 weeks and it’s now time to pick up my clubs. It turned out that my Dad, aka Papa Stan, was in town and we were able to stop by and get them, with my brother and beautiful niece Ally – here is a photo of us picking them up. Thanks for taking the picture Michael, and allowing my Dad and brother to hit a few. We really think you are the best!

Papa Stan (my Dad), Steve (my brother) and my beautiful niece Ally! Picking up my new irons
Papa Stan (my Dad), Steve (my brother) and my beautiful niece Ally! Picking up my new irons!

And some additional photos I took that day to show you around:

IMG_2380.JPG (2) IMG_2377.JPG (2) IMG_2378.JPG (2) IMG_2388.JPG (2)

I really wanted to thank the team of people who helped me. They allowed me to hit a ton of balls and try a number of clubs. For me great service means the world and if I find it I’m happy to let people know. Next I’m going to get my driver!

For more information on one of my new favorite stores:

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The Golf Club at Boulder Ridge

Boulder Ridge Golf Course at Sunset
Boulder Ridge Golf Course at Sunset

A couple of nights ago I discovered a hidden, private golf course located in Almaden Valley in Northern California – The Boulder Ridge Golf Club. Because it’s a members-only club I felt fortunate to have this special opportunity to take a peek during a two part adventure: A sunset drive in a golf cart so I could shoot some of the photos you see here…and a fabulous dinner.

Although you’re right in the middle of Almaden Valley, you feel like you’re in another world. Since it’s a private club I thought it would be fun to take you on a photo tour so you can get a “behind the scene” view of this stunning course.

One of the first things you’ll notice are the beautiful hills which give you the most amazing views at sunset. Photography by Shelley D SprayThis is driving range where you’ll find stacked balls in the shape of a pyramid. I have no idea who does that but what a job. (You can just barely see them in the photo.) Photography by Shelley D Spray Photography by Shelley D SprayOn the road driving in… Photography by Shelley D Spray

You’ll also find a Pavilion where they hold parties, weddings, events and the view is spectacular. The photo shows the approach to the Pavilion along with my faithful driver, who patiently waited while I snapped a few πŸ˜‰

Bolder Ridge Pavillion
Boulder Ridge Pavilion

When you arrive at the Pavilion you’ll see this walkway out to where they hold events and weddings. You can see the chairs lined up over on the right. I’m sure there’s not a bad seat in the house. Photography by Shelley D SprayThere are also a number of areas where you can sit and have a drink…I don’t believe helmets are required but I would keep an eye out for a random ball – especially if someone like me is playing. Photography by Shelley D SprayThis photo was taken outside of the bar / restuarant where there is a cozy patio where you can watch the sunset and sip a glass of wine. Photography by Shelley D SprayAnd finally, our fabulous dinner. Filet mignon with a special sauce, risotto (which was amazing), mashed potatoes and veggies. The spinach salad was great too (sorry, no pic). A special thanks to my most excellent tour guide. What a fabulous adventure! πŸ˜‰

And finally, the bar/restuarant.

About the Club:

Their website:

Also, a special thanks to Sandie Weis, the Director of Food and Beverage and her team for the fabulous service – and of course our bartender Tracie (and Lisa too!)


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