Surgery Gone Rad


I rarely modify any of my surgery images but this one just seemed like fun. Shot in Frankfurt Germany, this was a cardiovascular operation performed using a robot. This image highlights a bit of the prep before the case.  You can’t see the robot in this image but if you click to follow, you’ll be one of the first to travel behind closed doors and see the surgical robot in action!

Chop sticks

The delicate handling of instruments during  a neurosurgical procedure (brain surgery).  Quick note, when I photograph during surgery I only use the natural light found in the operating room. The surgeon in this procedure was Dr. John R Adler, Stanford Professor of Neurosurgery.

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Behind Closed Doors – Surgical Photography

imageAbout 12 years ago I started photographing in the operating roomand now have the opportunity to photograph numerous surgeries worldwide. My background is in the medical industry so when I first started studying photography, I thought it would be…

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