Jackson Hole – Mormon Row and the Moulton Barn

Shelley D Spray PhotographyIf you look up the Teton National Park you’ll mostly like find photos of a barn.  I actually had no idea where it was located, and didn’t realize it was a very popular place to photograph. (And I call myself “Photo Girl” shame on me!)  Anyway, when I got up on my second day in Jackson Hole, I decided to hoof it up to Yellowstone to see Old Faithful.  My plan was to drive north on 89 and over into the park.  As I was studying the map  I remember seeing a loop  that ran off highway 89 and then back around to it, So I took it.  I put a map below so you can find it if you get a chance to go.  The road curved around  with beautiful views on both sides.  About 1/4 of the way around the loop I saw a dirt road that actually cut over to the other side of the loop.  I LOVE dirt roads so I turned left.

As my car shook as I wove back and forth to avoid the pot holes, I realized I was the only one around.  It is an amazing feeling to stand on a road that is completely silent, except for the birds and crickets.  The only other time I have felt this is when I was in Death Valley.  While standing by my car, a family of deer sprinted through the tall grass on my left and across the road in front of me. It was pretty amazing.

Wild life on Morman Row

Here is a map that will show you where you need to drive to see this barn:

map of morman row and where barn is located


Here is a link to a very good map of the Teton National Park: http://www.nps.gov/grte/historyculture/mormon.htm

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