Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC “My Secret Walk” Part 2

photogirltravels_biltmore walk4

The walk from the Historic Inn to the Biltmore Estate is one of my favorites. In the previous blog we had grabbed our coffee at the Inn and set off toward the Estate on a 7 mile hike. In the above photo, you can see the winding path located at the back of the hotel. The path takes you by Adirondack chairs where guests lounge and read during the day, and then settle back in with a glass of wine in the evening. As you follow the path away from the hotel, you’ll see that it bends and curves over to the vineyards. The two photos below show the same path early in the morning and then at mid day. I love walking this path at anytime, but the mornings are spectacular when the countryside is shrouded in fog.

photogirltravels.com_biltmore morning walk photogirltravels_biltmore walkFarm11

Follow the path until you arrive at the Biltmore Winery which is at the entrance of Antler Village. I was there in spring and the photo below is looking back toward the path. In the spring, you can see the most spectacular cherry blossoms. When there is a breeze, not only will you smell the blooming flowers, you’ll see tiny peddles fall which I call “spring snow”.

photogirltravels_biltmore walk2

As you walk past Antler Village (more on the village later) and through the parking lot, you’ll see the path again. It winds through a huge open field, by a river and then over to a charming pond surrounded by ducks. I wish I could take you there now, but alas, I need to return to work. Click “Follow” and you’ll recieve the next part of this hike via email. Thanks again for following along!

photogirltravels_biltmore walk12

If you’d like to purchase a print to remind you of this beautiful area, please click on “Contact”. My photography is printed on aluminum. Utilizing an advanced process which infuses dyes directly into the metal, the colors and saturation are really amazing. In addition, your print will be displayed using mount blocks which float the image ½ inch off the wall.

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