Biltmore Estate, Asheville NC “My Secret Walk Part 1”

photogirltravels_biltmore walk7When you visit the Biltmore Estate I hope you do this walk from the Historic Hotel to the Estate. You can take a bus but if you have the time, don your sneakers and set off on this adventure!  The walk is about 7 miles and takes you past vineyards, through a wooded forest, rivers, open fields, and by a pond, where you’ll see plump ducks carving V-like shapes into the glassy water.  This walk starts in the early morning – it was foggy that day. I first stopped in the hotel lobby where they have an elegant coffee station with complimentary drinks. I got my “road joe” and headed out the door.  In this photo, which I took just as I exited out the back door, gives you a nice overview of the paths that take you down to Antler Village.  We’ll take the path on the left so you have a reference when you see the next photos…more images to follow!

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