I love photographing shadows. I’m sure I drive my friends and family nuts when I see a really good one. I’ll either have them stand / pose or insist that we MUST return to that perfectly lite sidewalk and rewalk the walk. Whether it’s a person or an object, I am constantly fascinated by the visual impact of a shadow. Simply put, a shadow is the creation of darkness through the interception of light.  But I think shadows are free-spirited images of ourselves or, the object. Shadows are whimsical, difficult to control, extending this way and that. Sometimes they are bold and elongated out making us feel like tall giants.  Other times they are small or cannot be seen. This image was taken as I was walking in the parking lot at Compo Beach in Westport, CT. Anyone know why there was a “mermaid” effect? (PS, if you’re traveling solo, which I hope you will, look for your shadow.  Your free-spirited side is always good company.) Click to Follow!


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