The Edgewater – Seattle’s Only Waterfront Hotel

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 45 copy
I had no idea when I was planning my trip to Seattle, but there is only ONE waterfront hotel in Seattle and it’s The Edgewater Hotel. I’m a beach girl so of course I decided that was the place to stay. CNBC and Best of Citysearch rated it best hotel in Seattle. It’s also rated as one of the world’s best places to stay by Conde Nest Traveler. So how could I not check it out? Below are some photos of this beautiful hotel.

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 8 copy

Let’s start at the beginning…when you arrive. As you pull up to the entry the first thing you’ll see is a huge stone fireplace that burns 24/7.  It truly starts your stay off right.

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 9         Photogirltravels_Edgewater 12 copy

When you enter the lobby you’ll find the decor is quite unique and beautiful.  You’ll feel like you’ve escaped to a mountain resort.  Note the chairs made with faux antlers, the stone fireplace and coffee table made from a huge log.

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 42 copy

The rooms are also quaint with gas fireplaces and log styled 4 poster beds.

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 58        Photogirltravels_Edgewater 54

Because the hotel literally sits over the water, the views are beautiful! Make sure you enjoy the sunset, either in your room, or down in the bar and / or restaurant where you can sit outside.

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 20 copy            Photogirltravels_Edgewater 2I did stop by the hotel’s Six Seven bar for happy hour before heading to dinner.  I had the mussles and they were divine!  You may also want to stay at the hotel for dinner (or lunch).  Again, it’s one of the few bars/restaurants in the city that has a waterfront view.

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 19 copy     Photogirltravels_Edgewater 32 copy

Photogirltravels_Edgewater 23

For more information on this beautiful hotel:

In my next Seattle blog, I’ll take you to one of the most popular seafood restaurants where you’ll need to wear a bib and use a mallet.  That combined with an ice cold beer makes the perfect dinner! Click the Follow button over on the right and join me on out next adventure!

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