Biltmore Estate My Secret Walk Part 3

photogirltravels_biltmore walk15

If you’re just joining me on this walk, I’ll take a moment and step back. We are currently visiting one of my favorite places: The Biltmore Estate in Asheville, NC. The estate sits on 8000 acres of the most beautiful countryside in America. Most people take the bus from the Historic Inn over to the Estate (which I what I did the first time). Don’t get me wrong. The bus is great. I actually met a lot of very nice people huddled into our seats, which I later saw that day. It’s as if you’re in a small town when you stay at the Historic Inn. You meet people on the bus and then there they are at the creamery in Antler Village. Then you’ll see them wine tasting later that evening…Yet I digress, back to the walk. After asking around, I discovered that I could walk over to the Estate. There were no clear directions but the overall consensus was that it was possible. And that was all that it took. I was a woman ready to set out on an adventure.

Not quite sure how to proceed, I turned my back on the bus and headed out the back door of the hotel – toward the vineyards. Passing Antler Village (and the winery) I found myself in a huge open field. It had rained the night before so I dodged puddles and breathed in the clean spring air. Tiny flowers shyly popped their heads up and seemed to be looking around. I imagine they must be thinking “we survived!” pleased to come into the land of the living. After I followed the path through the large field I found myself walking by a river, tree branches bending gracefully along the water’s edge. It was a bit overcast on the day I shot this photo but still beautiful. I was in heaven. Every turn seemed to bring a new discovery… To the right you’ll see the official Photo Girl FOLLOW button. If you click on it, you’ll receive an email link to my next discovery as we get closer to one of the most impressive castles in America.

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