Seattle Washington – Preview to Our Next Trip!

Seattle_Edgewater Hotel PhotogirlTravels Blog 1l

When you think of Seattle a lot of images come to mind. The Space Needle, Pike’s Market, a fabulous cup of coffee…and…well rain. With respects to the rain, you’re right, there is a silent battle between the clouds, rain and the sun. In Seattle, the sun is not the incredible warrior like it is in California, where it wins almost every battle. Here, the clouds and the rain rule. But after being here for a few days, I believe it makes you appreciate the sun even more, when it finally fights its way through the clouds. This photo was taken two nights ago. In the morning it was raining and I splashed my way around town. But mid-day, the sun came out, transforming the city into vibrant colors. When I shot this picture, I was standing on the balcony at the Edgewater Hotel, watching the seagulls and sipping a glass of local wine. Along with the incredible view, what I remember most were the seagulls -gracefully floating around; wings stretched so wide it almost made me feel like I could jump on board.

In my upcoming blogs on Seattle we’ll tour the city; I’ll take you to all of the classic places (Pike’s Market, the Space Needle) along with showing you some well kept secrets. Then we’ll head off on a road trip that will take us off the beaten path. Driving along backroads, we’ll visit Gig Harbor, the quaint town of Poulsbo and Bainbridge Island. Get ready for some incredible views, quaint harbors dotted with boats, shopping and some great seafood. Click the official FOLLOW button over to the right and you’ll receive these posts by email.

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