Road Trip to Carmel: Lunch!

I usually try to eat healthy but since I did have a Nutibullet V8 this morning (spinach, carrots, parsley, tomatoes, cucumber, lemon, avocado and tabasco) I’m going to live it up and try something new. I’m at The Forge restaurant in Carmel, California. I arrived early and got my favorite table by the outdoor fireplace.


I ordered the steamers and they were divine. You’ll want a spoon so you can scrape the bottom of the bowl after you run out of garlic bread.

I also ordered the pastrami egg rolls. My waitress said they were amazing! Well, they are good but they are really flirting with cholesterol levels that could make someone like me feel the need to fast for a week. I’d say pass on those but for sure, order the steamers.


Lets walk through town!

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