Death Valley: Dantes View

Dantes View out over the salt beds in Death Valley, California
Dante’s View out over the salt beds in Death Valley, California

The terrain in Death Valley is so dramatically different depending on which road you take. One of the sites I would highly recommend is called Dante’s View. The road that leads you to Black Mountain is just off highway 190. The first part of the drive is flat as you drive along a ribbon of road that is carved along the desert floor.  As you get closer, you start gaining altitude, curving this way and that to the top of this majestic mountain. I did this drive around 7:00am, before my first cup of coffee. (Apparently coffee is an urban legend in Death Valley, before 8am)  Pathetically sipping a warm diet Pepsi which I found in the back of my car I braved it to the top.  When I arrived I was the only one there and it was surreal. What you see in front of you are the salt beds spanning out in front of you, which look like a vast, sparkling ocean. Quick note – although it was warm down below, it was freezing that morning – the wind was blowing and I literally thought it might blow my camera out of my hands!  You may want to keep a coat or hoodie in the car just in case.

Photo Girl Travels - Photography by Shelley D SprayWhen you arrive at the top you can walk around this large parking lot and look at the views.  If you’re planning your day consider the following. If it’s really hot, this is a great place to visit in the middle of the day (as it will be a lot cooler) Also, if you want the perfect place for the sunset, you should schedule this drive for later in the day (your smart phone will tell you what time the sunset is – allow for about 30-45 minutes to get from the 190 to the top of the mountain)

Photo Girl Travels - Photography by Shelley D SprayThere was also a path that leads from the parking lot (note photo above) that would give you an even better view, if you’re brave enough to try it.

Next I’ll take you to Zabriskie Point which is absolutely beautiful.  Click to follow and I’ll send you my post direct to your email.


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