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Super Simple Avocado Toast


It’s pouring rain right now and I just got home from a very wet morning coffee walk. I made the best avocado toast and I want to share how I made it, with a few tips, because it was super easy.

Ingredients For 1 Serving

I piece of toast

1/2 avocado

Handful of fresh spinach

1 egg

1 teaspoon Ghee (I use liquid Ghee)

Coarse salt, ground pepper to taste


Microwave spinach on toast

Add avocado and lightly salt and pepper

Add egg and salt and pepper to taste

Tips for Cooking the Perfect Egg

First, are the eggs fresh? I pulled the carton of eggs out and the expiration date was 1 week ago. More than one person has told me that eggs can be used long after the expiration date but I’m a bit of a freak about whether something has expired. Anyway, it got trickier when 4 were brown and 4 were white. I guess I combined two cartons. 😬 I remembered there was a way to test them and had to look it up. So you don’t have to, here’s an easy way to check for freshness.

Put the egg in a clear glass with cold water. It if floats to the top, throw it out, it’s not good. If it sits horizontal on the bottom it’s super fresh. (See image below) If it’s on the bottom but is not horizontal it’s still ok, just not as fresh.

You Don’t Need to Flip Your Egg

I like to salt and pepper the pan and add Ghee before I add the egg.

When the pan is hot, crack in the egg and cover. You can also add a little water. The steam and heat will cook your egg. Keep an eye on the yolk, I like whites cooked with the yolks runny so keep a keen eye on the yolks. Remove when ready and put on top of your toast.

That’s it! Let me know if you try this and what you think. You could also add sautΓ©ed mushrooms.

XO Shelley

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