Yes… I Did Drive Through a Tree

Driving through the Redwood Forest takes a very patient person (which I am not) You creep along at 5-10 miles an hour, taking hairpin turns with your eyes peeled – looking for a bike rider who is either flying along like a bat out of hell, or peddling with all their might and you’d swear they were not moving, or yes, pushing their bike. Is this fun I ask? ??? I say no but there I am driving like a slug with a death grip on the wheel.

After a 75 mile drive that took me longer than I’d like to admit, I decided to drive through…well, a tree. Thank heavens there was one along the way that allowed me to do just that. It’s called the chandelier tree and
it’s at the 1/101 junction. Here are some pics just after my Redwood adventure.



So we’re not heading further north and I’m figuring out plan B … Stay tuned for our next stop!

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