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#Feelingthelove Espresso Love Coffee

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#Feelingthelove! Especially since this amazing coffee shop is the first one open in the morning. That, and their coffee is fabulous! If you’ve been reading my blogs you know coffee is a super close second to….well…. bacon so … Bring it! And bring it early! You can find this local coffee shop in the quaint town of Edgartown on Martha’s Vineyard. If you visit this is a must see/try!

Coffee in hand, I’m sitting on a bench, outside the court house listening to the birds. I hear rain is on the way but right now it’s sunny and gorgeous. Thanks Espresso Love!





Where I am right now! Morning!!!

PS- missing my Los Gatos coffee crew!!! Xoxoxoxo

One thought on “#Feelingthelove Espresso Love Coffee

  1. Espresso Love is my favorite place for coffee and their blueberry scones. I love them so much that I buy dozen and bring them home to NJ where I put them in the freezer and enjoy them at my leisure. Sometimes I half-heartily offer to share them but no one ever takes me up on that… hmmm

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