Fake-a-Book Cover: From Sin to Prim

Did you know there’s s an iPhone app called “Fake-a-Call”? That’s right, the ultimate solution to a date gone bad. If you’re not sure how the date will go, fear no more. Prior to your date, program your phone to call you.  Be sure to customize the caller…

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Fake-a-Book (FAB) Cover!

Did you know there’s an iPhone app called “Fake-a-Call”? That’s right, the ultimate solution to a date-gone-bad. If you’re not sure how the date will go, fear no more. Prior to your date, program your phone to call you. Be sure to customize the caller ID (“Mom” is always a good choice). Thirty minutes into the date your phone will ring. If it’s going well just ignore it. If you’re in a downward spiral then answer. The call is from “Mom” for gosh sakes. Show your date the caller ID to gain their approval. Who doesn’t take a call from Mom? And then lay it on thick. Here’s a sample of what you could say. (Feel free to customize as needed) “Hey Mom! (smile) What? You’re stuck on the highway? (frown) I’m sorry, you’re breaking up! A flat tire. Oh no! I’ll be right there!”

And who says technology complicates life.

Well, today I’m going to disclose a secret for the solo traveler. Good for anyone but particularly important if you’re heading off on an adventure alone and want to take that juicy novel with you. I always have people ask, what do you do when you’re traveling alone? One of my favorite things is to sit outside at a cafe and read a good book. Now, you can read anything. That’s right, the long awaited guide on how to “Fake-a-Book (FAB) Cover” is here! You no longer need to secretly read those romance novels, the ones with the amazing guy on the front (Why is he always a cowboy?) Or for you men, maybe you REALLY would like to read The Notebook – to see what your girlfriend/wife finds so fascinating about it. (Ok, that may be stretching it) If you follow this easy guide you’ll be reading whatever you want – while the world thinks you’re a genius. Here are the simple instructions.


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