Flight Etiquette…Time to Change Your Ways? ;)

It’s a few days before New Year’s Eve and I’m heading to Scottsdale Arizona where I’ll bring in the New Year with my sister and her family. Being Papa Stan’s daughter, I am here two hours early. I know, I know, I can alreadly see eyes rolling. That’s right, I’m an Early Airport Arriver (EAA) and I’m not ashamed of it. In fact, I am on a mission to help others become EAA’s too. I’m not the girl you see who is running through the airport frantically pushing people out of the way to just barely make my flight. I don’t slide through the doors before they close them and look like I just finished a Body Pump class as I find my seat. I know there are different thoughts about arriving early or just in the nick of time so I thought I’d let you know why EAA is the way to go. If you can convince me otherwise I’m totally open for some good reasons, but for now I remain unconvinced.

Top 3 reasons why you should arrive early:

1. You won’t look like a total idiot racing through the airport. That may sound harsh but it’s true. It’s just not a pretty sight to see anyone run while pulling something behind them. It concerns me and makes me think they might fall, or harm other people along the way. This is not another way to trim pounds. If you want to do that, hit the gym when you get to your destination.

2. The world will not be angry at you. Here’s another pet peeve I have with people who arrive at the last minute. We’ve all seen it. You’ve gotten to the airport on time. You approach the mammoth line of people waiting to go through security. As you inch your way along you see someone being escorted to the front. Who could they be? A movie star! Is that Brad Pitt??? Craning your neck you watch them show their ID and boarding pass. They actually look a bit wild-eyed as they tell the security guard their flight leaves in less than 20 minutes. Ugh! And what about us? We remain in the horrific line and look like we’re waiting for a ride at Disney Land – This type of madness just needs to stop. What would happen if just once they were not escorted to the front and actually missed their flight… Would they change their crazy ways?

3. You’ll have time to shop! Ok, this one may not be all that great but I have been known to find some interesting things while leisurely walking to my gate. Also, you may find a fabulous coffee shop (I love Illly) where you can have a double espresso avec a splash of half and half. Adjust to suite what you like.

I hope this has at least inspired consideration for an EAA attitude. πŸ˜‰ With that, I’m off to catch my flight!

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Fake-a-Book (FAB) Cover!

Did you know there’s an iPhone app called β€œFake-a-Call”? That’s right, the ultimate solution to a date-gone-bad. If you’re not sure how the date will go, fear no more. Prior to your date, program your phone to call you. Be sure to customize the caller ID (“Mom” is always a good choice). Thirty minutes into the date your phone will ring. If it’s going well just ignore it. If you’re in a downward spiral then answer. The call is from β€œMom” for gosh sakes. Show your date the caller ID to gain their approval. Who doesn’t take a call from Mom? And then lay it on thick. Here’s a sample of what you could say. (Feel free to customize as needed) β€œHey Mom! (smile) What? You’re stuck on the highway? (frown) I’m sorry, you’re breaking up! A flat tire. Oh no! I’ll be right there!”

And who says technology complicates life.

Well, today I’m going to disclose a secret for the solo traveler. Good for anyone but particularly important if you’re heading off on an adventure alone and want to take that juicy novel with you. I always have people ask, what do you do when you’re traveling alone? One of my favorite things is to sit outside at a cafe and read a good book. Now, you can read anything. That’s right, the long awaited guide on how to β€œFake-a-Book (FAB) Cover” is here! You no longer need to secretly read those romance novels, the ones with the amazing guy on the front (Why is he always a cowboy?) Or for you men, maybe you REALLY would like to read The Notebook – to see what your girlfriend/wife finds so fascinating about it. (Ok, that may be stretching it) If you follow this easy guide you’ll be reading whatever you want – while the world thinks you’re a genius. Here are the simple instructions.


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