Are Oysters Male or Female?

Are oysters male or female? Before you slurp another one down, you might want to take a quick peek:

Oysters on the Half Shell

Oysters on the Half Shell

Are oysters male or female? And if an oyster is male, can it change into a female?  Questions which may have caused you toss and turn at night. Well toss and turn no more.  This blog is going to give you a whole new attitude…

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Are Oysters Male or Female?

Oysters on the Half Shell
Oysters on the Half Shell

Are oysters male or female? And if an oyster is male, can it change into a female?  Questions which may have caused you toss and turn at night. Well toss and turn no more.  This blog is going to give you a whole new attitude toward these fruits of the sea.

First, if an oyster is fixed with a lot of “stuff” piled up on it, I will eat it. Not a many, but definitely a few. I was at happy hour with my girlfriends and took this photo. Here’s what I like about these particular oysters. First, they are basking on a bed of salt. (Does anyone know if it’s ok to eat a rock or two off the plate? Because I’d almost rather eat the salt.) I also like that there is lemon and the bowl with some mixture (I can’t remember what was in it, but it was pretty good). But here’s what was missing – horseradish and tabasco sauce. If there is anything else I should try on an oyster, please let me know.

So there are a few facts about these slippery little morsels that you can share on a date or, at a party. I must warn you. If you’ve never eaten an oyster, this information may make you NEVER eat one, ever. And if you love them…well maybe you should know a little bit more about what you’re getting yourself into.

1. Is It a Male or Female Oyster? Here’s a fact that surprised me – oysters have both eggs, as well as sperm, so oysters have the ability to change their sexes, which they do, at least once. (Which makes me once again think twice before eating one.) Not something I’d bring up on a hot date as a topic of discussion, but interesting.

2. What’s that about an R? Probably most people have heard about the relationship oysters and “R’s” have been having over the years. If you’re in a month with an “R”, the oysters you’re going to eat will be tastier. These months include May-August, which are of course the hottest months during the year. It makes a lot of sense – way back when, people were advised against eating oysters during these months because of the lack of proper refrigeration.  I knew someone who got sick on an oyster once and it was quite a while before I ate another one. So start slurping them down now because May is just a month away.

3. How do you know if an oyster is alive? There’s one sure way to tell if an oyster is alive. If its shell is open, just tap on it with your fingers, and it snaps shut, then it’s alive. (Sorry, sorry! Are we eating them alive???)

4. Oysters breathe like fish: Oysters contain both gills and mantle which allows them to breathe.  Here’s something that will make you charge over to the nearest bar and place an order: Oysters also have stomachs, intestines, and they have hearts that pump a clear blood (we’re eating raw blood???), along with the oxygen, through their bodies. And if that’s not enough, their kidneys clean impurities from their blood. (Yummmm….)

5. Let’s get to something I can really relate to – Pearls…..Oysters produce very few pearls naturally. (Probably because they are too busy switching back and forth between being a male and female.) Most pearls begin with human intervention. Pieces of shells or beads are inserted inside an oyster. The oyster then covers the foreign substance with layers of protein and calcium and voilà! A pearl is produced. Too bad I couldn’t place a rock in a canvas bag, place it in my dryer and voila, a Gucci bag is produced.

6. And can oysters enhance your love life? If you click FOLLOW I might answer that question in a follow up blog…and you’ll be the first to hear. 😉

Single?? You May Have a Valentine You Don’t Even Know About!

329893_10150616072166489_2031253443_oI wanted to be the first to wish my readers a Happy Valentine’s Day!  For those of you planning something fun today my advice is to keep it simple.  Time is the most important gift you can give someone you care about.

As for the day itself, I chuckle as I remember Valentine’s Day as a child.  First, I was NOT that super-cute girl that all the guys were googly eyed over. Oh no… I was the shy girl with the curly hair that always seemed to have a snarl that would not brush out.  (I think people just thought the back of my hair had extra body…or “lift”) Next, let’s ice this cake and add glasses and legs that were as long as kids were tall.  So when the “big day” came around it was always a bit stressful. Would anyone want me as their Valentine? Thankfully, our teachers insisted that everyone give everyone a Valentine’s card so my carefully decorated lunch bag that was taped to the chalk board was packed full of cards and those horrible chalky candy hearts (which thankfully became sweet and sour in their later life).

Flash forward many years. Today, my life is full of Valentines as I am blessed with incredible friends and the most amazing family.  To find the Valentines in your life, all you need to do is take a moment and look around. I promise… they are everywhere.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

PS: On a very important note, I’ve finally managed to get that big-ol snarl out of my hair – in case you were wondering why there are never any photos of me walking away from the camera.


Fake-a-Book (FAB) Cover!

Did you know there’s an iPhone app called “Fake-a-Call”? That’s right, the ultimate solution to a date-gone-bad. If you’re not sure how the date will go, fear no more. Prior to your date, program your phone to call you. Be sure to customize the caller ID (“Mom” is always a good choice). Thirty minutes into the date your phone will ring. If it’s going well just ignore it. If you’re in a downward spiral then answer. The call is from “Mom” for gosh sakes. Show your date the caller ID to gain their approval. Who doesn’t take a call from Mom? And then lay it on thick. Here’s a sample of what you could say. (Feel free to customize as needed) “Hey Mom! (smile) What? You’re stuck on the highway? (frown) I’m sorry, you’re breaking up! A flat tire. Oh no! I’ll be right there!”

And who says technology complicates life.

Well, today I’m going to disclose a secret for the solo traveler. Good for anyone but particularly important if you’re heading off on an adventure alone and want to take that juicy novel with you. I always have people ask, what do you do when you’re traveling alone? One of my favorite things is to sit outside at a cafe and read a good book. Now, you can read anything. That’s right, the long awaited guide on how to “Fake-a-Book (FAB) Cover” is here! You no longer need to secretly read those romance novels, the ones with the amazing guy on the front (Why is he always a cowboy?) Or for you men, maybe you REALLY would like to read The Notebook – to see what your girlfriend/wife finds so fascinating about it. (Ok, that may be stretching it) If you follow this easy guide you’ll be reading whatever you want – while the world thinks you’re a genius. Here are the simple instructions.


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