Single?? You May Have a Valentine You Don’t Even Know About!

329893_10150616072166489_2031253443_oI wanted to be the first to wish my readers a Happy Valentine’s Day!  For those of you planning something fun today my advice is to keep it simple.  Time is the most important gift you can give someone you care about.

As for the day itself, I chuckle as I remember Valentine’s Day as a child.  First, I was NOT that super-cute girl that all the guys were googly eyed over. Oh no… I was the shy girl with the curly hair that always seemed to have a snarl that would not brush out.  (I think people just thought the back of my hair had extra body…or “lift”) Next, let’s ice this cake and add glasses and legs that were as long as kids were tall.  So when the “big day” came around it was always a bit stressful. Would anyone want me as their Valentine? Thankfully, our teachers insisted that everyone give everyone a Valentine’s card so my carefully decorated lunch bag that was taped to the chalk board was packed full of cards and those horrible chalky candy hearts (which thankfully became sweet and sour in their later life).

Flash forward many years. Today, my life is full of Valentines as I am blessed with incredible friends and the most amazing family.  To find the Valentines in your life, all you need to do is take a moment and look around. I promise… they are everywhere.

I hope everyone has a fabulous day!

PS: On a very important note, I’ve finally managed to get that big-ol snarl out of my hair – in case you were wondering why there are never any photos of me walking away from the camera.