Road Trip to Mendocino: Coastal Trail

Photo Girl Travels Mendocino trails 3Currently, we’re up in Mendocino which is a beautiful town which sits on the cliffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean.  If you’re on Main Street standing in front of the Mendocino Hotel you’ll see a path leading out to the cliffs.  There are actually many paths out there that wind around and it’s a beautiful place to hike.  It was sunset when I got there so I took a glass of wine and followed the path over to my favorite bench (photo below). Here are some photos I shot on my last trip. In the photo below you can see some of the unique stairways that take you up the hillside. It’s absolutely beautiful! Continue reading “Road Trip to Mendocino: Coastal Trail”

Road Trip to Mendocino: Places to Stay & Eat

Photo Girl Travels Mendocino Hotel 9If you’re just joining us on this trip we’re doing a road trip up to the quaint town of Mendocino.  When I go I always stay at the Mendocino Hotel. I love that it’s right on Main Street and has a lot of history.  There are many places to stay in this beautiful town – if you have any additional suggestions please let me know.  (My friend Greg also mentioned he liked the Joshua Grindle Inn as an FYI).  At the Mendocino Hotel you can stay in the historic part of the hotel. They also have garden suites in the back which are also quite lovely.  Some even have fire places.  In the photo above you’ll see a balcony.  As a guest, you can access this by going up the flight of stairs in the lobby, make a left and another left and the door will be in front of you.  It’s a great place to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine. There is also a female ghost who haunts the historic part of the hotel.  Apparently, many guests have seen.  She appears in the bar area, lobby and second floor. I didn’t see here when I was there but I will look for her next time 😉 Continue reading “Road Trip to Mendocino: Places to Stay & Eat”

Mendocino Road Trip: Headlands State Park

Photo Girl Travels Highlands_3I keep calling this state park the Mendocino “Highlands” because it reminds me of Ireland so much. (I’ve not been to Ireland but still, I’m sure it must look something like this) But actually, this park is called the Mendocino Headlands State Park. There is a narrow trail that runs along the coast and if you get there early in the morning you’ll have the most incredible views.  The fog hangs over the ocean and in some areas it’s almost impossible to see what’s below the cliffs.  The waves are crashing and the birds are singing.  It’s really quite amazing. If you do this hike in the morning make sure you wear something warm including a hat.  To get to the Headlands State Park, it’s on the very west end of the town of Mendocino. Here are some of the photos I took.   Next, I’ll show you some of the places I like to eat including a fabulous Thai restaurant. If you have any additional suggestions, please let me know and I’ll add them in. Here are the photos I took around 6:30am: Continue reading “Mendocino Road Trip: Headlands State Park”

Road Trip to Mendocino: The Town

Photo Girl Travels_Mendocino Landscape 1

The quaint town of Mendocino is nestled on the coastline, among the majestic redwood forests. It’s a beautiful place to visit. I have some photos I took while strolling around town. You’ll find Victorian homes, unique boutiques and galleries. There are some wonderful restaurants too. Next I’ll show you the Mendocino Highlands which is one of the main reasons I did this drive. You’ll feel like you are walking along the cliffs of Ireland!

Photo Girl Travels_Mendocino Landscape 3  Photo Girl Travels_Mendocino Landscape 2  Photo Girl Travels_Mendocino Landscape 4  Photo Girl Travels Mendocino Hotel 9

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Road Trip to Mendocino: Highway 1

IMG_5907Highway 1 is absolutely beautiful, anytime of the year. But if you have a chance to drive it during the spring you’ll be in for a real treat.  Here are some photos from my drive. Next stop is the quaint town of Mendocino where we’ll stay in a historic hotel built in the mid 1800’s.  And yes, I hear it has a ghost!  (The pathway above it at Pt. Reyes Light House)

IMG_5906In the photo below – look over to the far left and you’ll see the highway 1!


Road Trip to Mendocino: The Marshall Store for BBQ Oysters


We are driving up Highway 1 to the town of Mendocino! For lunch, I want to show you a fabulous, very casual restaurant that’s right on the water. It’s just over an hour away from San Francisco so an easy day trip if you live in the Bay Area. Here is what Travel + Leisure said about The Marshall Store (2012):

“An hour north of San Francisco, this seafood shanty with makeshift tables overlooking Tomales Bay is the place for the area’s famous oysters. The owners farm their own bivalves, which come raw, smoked, and baked. But the preferred preparation is grilled, topped with the tangy house-made barbecue sauce and served with buttery bread. Pair them with a bottle of crisp white wine (sold at the store) and views of bobbing boats.”

I got the combination plate with crab and oysters. You can eat them raw or cooked. I tried cooked with a sauce and bacon and they were very good.  You can get an iced cold beer too.  Grab a chair, sit back and watch the seagulls and boats bobbing on the water.


photo 1   photo 2  IMG_8964  the marshall store


Here’s a link to their website:

Travel tip: Wear a hat and bring a coat – it’s really difficult to predict the weather.