Road Trip to Mendocino: The Marshall Store for BBQ Oysters


We are driving up Highway 1 to the town of Mendocino! For lunch, I want to show you a fabulous, very casual restaurant that’s right on the water. It’s just over an hour away from San Francisco so an easy day trip if you live in the Bay Area. Here is what Travel + Leisure said about The Marshall Store (2012):

“An hour north of San Francisco, this seafood shanty with makeshift tables overlooking Tomales Bay is the place for the area’s famous oysters. The owners farm their own bivalves, which come raw, smoked, and baked. But the preferred preparation is grilled, topped with the tangy house-made barbecue sauce and served with buttery bread. Pair them with a bottle of crisp white wine (sold at the store) and views of bobbing boats.”

I got the combination plate with crab and oysters. You can eat them raw or cooked. I tried cooked with a sauce and bacon and they were very good.  You can get an iced cold beer too.  Grab a chair, sit back and watch the seagulls and boats bobbing on the water.


photo 1   photo 2  IMG_8964  the marshall store


Here’s a link to their website:

Travel tip: Wear a hat and bring a coat – it’s really difficult to predict the weather.

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