Road Trip to Mendocino: Places to Stay & Eat

Photo Girl Travels Mendocino Hotel 9If you’re just joining us on this trip we’re doing a road trip up to the quaint town of Mendocino.  When I go I always stay at the Mendocino Hotel. I love that it’s right on Main Street and has a lot of history.  There are many places to stay in this beautiful town – if you have any additional suggestions please let me know.  (My friend Greg also mentioned he liked the Joshua Grindle Inn as an FYI).  At the Mendocino Hotel you can stay in the historic part of the hotel. They also have garden suites in the back which are also quite lovely.  Some even have fire places.  In the photo above you’ll see a balcony.  As a guest, you can access this by going up the flight of stairs in the lobby, make a left and another left and the door will be in front of you.  It’s a great place to enjoy the sunset with a glass of wine. There is also a female ghost who haunts the historic part of the hotel.  Apparently, many guests have seen.  She appears in the bar area, lobby and second floor. I didn’t see here when I was there but I will look for her next time 😉

Photo Girl Travels_Mendocino Hotel 6  Photo Girl Travels Mendocino Hotel_4  Photo Girl Travels Mendocino Hotel_2  Photo Girl Travels Mendocino Hotel 5  Photo Girl Travels Mendocino Hotel 1

For places to eat I love the Mendocino Cafe. I found this with my sister the first time and we ordered a fabulous Thai dish which is below.

Photo Girl Travels_Where to Eat 4Photo Girl Travels_Where to Eat 8  Photo Girl Travels_Where to Eat 7  Photo Girl Travels_Mendocino Landscape 3

You can also stop at the grocery Harvest Market which is located downtown – pick up a picnic lunch and bottle of wine and take it over to the trails in front of Main Street and sit on my favoite bench and watch the sunset. (I’ll post on that next)

PhotoGirl Travels Harvest Market 2  PhotoGirl Travels Harvest Market 3  PhotoGirl Travels Harvest Market 1

If you are an early riser like me and need coffee as soon as your feed hit the floor, Moodys is open early. Also, located downtown and an easy, minute walk from the Mendocino Hotel.

Photo Girl Travels_Where to Eat 5

Next, I’ll take you over to the coastal trails that are located in front of the Mendocino Hotel.  We’ll take a glass of wine and watch the sunset!

PS: If you have any other suggestions on where to stay or eat, please let me know!

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