Keswick Hall Hotel Escape

After dodging deer and totally getting lost on some remote Virginia back roads I finally pull into the Keswick Hall Hotel. It’s a beautiful historic hotel and one of my favorites. Because of the time change it was just about 5 and the sun was about to set. I threw my luggage in my room and went out to my favorite patios overlooking the golf course and ordered a glass of local wine. I only wish my most amazing peeps were there with me. Here are some of the photos I took during my stay at the hotel…






As I’m writing this I’m having breakfast and it’s really good. Poached eggs, cheese grits and yes…. BACON!




Along with the staff, thanks to Cork and Max in the upstairs patio area and TJ in the breakfast area for the wonderful service!

Backroads of Virginia, Middleburg

20131103-100345.jpgI just stopped in a super cute town called Middleburg. The streets are lined with fall leaves that feel like they are glowing with reds and yellows. The town smells like baked goods and bacon so I followed my nose to a quaint bakery.

Inside I found pies that are warm from the oven. The smell of homemade cinnamon rolls, muffins and crispy bacon. I ordered a bacon and egg sandwich and as I write this I’m eating it outside in the wam sun.





The photo above and the first one in this post show what the backroads look like this time of year. You see what I call “fall snow” everywhere which is the graceful swirling of thousands of colored leaves. Well, my sandwich is gone so I’m off again with no idea of where I’ll stop next!

Manassas Civil War Battlefield

The sky is a rainbow of clouds, the birds are chirping, and I seem to be the only one here. Surrounding me are open fields, a few large trees gracing the landscape, and a number of canons. I’m in the middle of the Manassas Civil War Battlefield where the battle of Bull Run was fought. This was the first major land battle of the armies of Virginia. Seeing this landmark site at sunrise is a must if you can. What a serene location. As I walk across the fields I can only think of the many solders who lost their lives. I hope you’ll have a chance to visit this historical site that was the beginning of a very important change in our history. The abolishment of slavery.







Where to Travel to in November??? ;)


Off on another adventure: Backroads exploring Civil War battlefields, Montecello, a drive through the Blue Ridge mountains when the fall leaves are at their peak. The final destination will be the Historic Biltmore Estate. Now I just need to get through this red eye flight which lands at 5:20am. Hoping for an empty row so I can sleep! I hope you'll follow me on my journey πŸ˜‰

Shadow Girl <3

PhotoGirlTravels Chicago 2I know…that’s a really large bag! I took this photo in Chicago, and I seriously can’t remember what was in it. Any suggestions on what to do when I go back? Besides shop πŸ˜‰

Biltmore Estate, My Secret Walk – Final Approach!

photogirltravels_biltmore walk5

The dirt path dipped and turned. Ahead I could see a tree-lined pond dotted with the V-shape of a duck coasting over the glassy water. I was about halfway there and was torn between wanting to get to my destination and wanting this walk to last longer. It was quiet except for an occasional squawk from one of the ducks. About an hour later I headed up a hill, through an old gate and saw what I was looking for. Off in the distance I could see the Estate, almost a castle. I had arrived. In front of me was the Biltmore Estate.

Over the last few blogs I’ve taken you on an incredible walk from the Biltmore Historic Inn over to the Biltmore Estate. Today, we’re on the final approach.Β Β The following photos will take you through the rest of the walk…

After you leave the pond you’ll follow the trail up to the first of three gates.


Then you find yourself in a large open field.

photogirltravels_biltmore walk35Keep following the path and you come to the second of three gates.Β Β You can see it had been raining – I slugged through the mud to get to the other side.

photogirltravels_biltmore walk5After you pass through this gate you will get your first glimpse of the Estate. In the photo below you can see it off in the left corner.


Just keep walking!

BiltmoreEstate_photogirltravels.com_walk38At the end, you’ll pass through one more gate and you’re at the Estate. The photo below was taken once I was inside, looking back.

photogirltravels_biltmore walk9

From here you can walk through the formal gardens, over to the Estate and take the tour. (Make sure you shut the gate behind you.) On a quick note, you can do this walk from the Estate to the Inn too. If you are there a few days and want to mix it up, try it both ways. Β Also, if you’re traveling along it’s very safe so don’t hold back!

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