Backroads of Virginia, Middleburg

20131103-100345.jpgI just stopped in a super cute town called Middleburg. The streets are lined with fall leaves that feel like they are glowing with reds and yellows. The town smells like baked goods and bacon so I followed my nose to a quaint bakery.

Inside I found pies that are warm from the oven. The smell of homemade cinnamon rolls, muffins and crispy bacon. I ordered a bacon and egg sandwich and as I write this I’m eating it outside in the wam sun.





The photo above and the first one in this post show what the backroads look like this time of year. You see what I call “fall snow” everywhere which is the graceful swirling of thousands of colored leaves. Well, my sandwich is gone so I’m off again with no idea of where I’ll stop next!