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Keswick Hall Hotel Escape


After dodging deer and totally getting lost on some remote Virginia back roads I finally pull into the Keswick Hall Hotel. It’s a beautiful historic hotel and one of my favorites. Because of the time change it was just about 5 and the sun was about to set. I threw my luggage in my room and went out to my favorite patios overlooking the golf course and ordered a glass of local wine. I only wish my most amazing peeps were there with me. Here are some of the photos I took during my stay at the hotel…






As I’m writing this I’m having breakfast and it’s really good. Poached eggs, cheese grits and yes…. BACON!




Along with the staff, thanks to Cork and Max in the upstairs patio area and TJ in the breakfast area for the wonderful service!

6 thoughts on “Keswick Hall Hotel Escape

  1. Cool Road Trip~!! Makes me miss the east coast this time of year.

  2. Looks beautiful. How far out of town is it? We actually stayed in Charlottesville for a week. My husband was there on business. I did have a car and had I known would have loved to drive out to such a beautiful place. We spent the next week in Irvington, VA at the Hope & Glory Inn. It’s demure in comparison but very cozy and the whole towns a treat.

    • The Keswick Hall hotel is 3 miles from Charlottesville so you were really close! They have the patio outside which is a fabulous place to have lunch or dinner. Also, the drive is gorgeous. Monticello is right there too. If you can tour the estate it is well worth it.

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