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Enchanting Monticello!


20131105-193124.jpg When I was little we took a lot trips… which is probably why I love to travel so much. But we didn’t fly, we drove all around the United States in a camper my Dad built. Which is most likely why I love to drive so much. One trip I will always remember is when we drove through Virginia to the historic Monticello estate, the home of Thomas Jefferson. I remember it like it was yesterday. And to this day it is still one of my favorite places to visit. I hope these photos inspire you to add this destination to your bucket list. In my humble opinion two of the best times are on the spring and the fall. Here are my fall pics from a few days ago: as you can see… I LOVE this place!




The gardens.




The little house in the photo was glass enclosed and where Thomas Jefferson would stay for hours and do some of his “best thinking”.


Sipping hot chocolate (it was chilly outside)

The walking path down to the visitors center from the estate.

Thomas Jeffersons grave…he died on July 4 exactly 50 years after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. You see this on the walking path.

The end of the walking path just before the visitors center.


One last kiss and jump before I said good bye. Until the next time!!!!

2 thoughts on “Enchanting Monticello!

  1. Enjoyed re-visiting Monticello thru your camera lens. I especially like the view looking out the mullioned window. Did you think it smaller than the Iconic photo’s we see? I actually took the guided tour twice and found that really interesting. I guess we were there in May 2000 . There was a garden circling the lawn, which I also enjoyed for the many heritage plants. I wish I had taken more photo’s then, but no digital camera back then. Thank you for following my blog, I sure appreciate it.

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