Pecan Dream Cookies…Stop Living in Fear!

You’ve been invited to a party and the host asks you to “bring a dish” – words that ignite horror, even in the bravest of men. You face your fears and make something. Sure you won’t eat it at the party, you still load it into your car. You arrive a little late. The room is abuzz. With the speed of an over-caffeinated chicken, you weave your way over the goodies table. Careful to not make eye contact you slip your plate toward the back. You got lucky this time. No one saw and therefore “that dish that remained untouched” is never linked to you. If this story sounds familiar then I say STOP THE MADDNESS! I am about to disclose a secret recipe passed down from generations that will make YOU the most sought after person for every party. I must warn you, it could change your world. Soon, distant friends and acquaintances (for god’s sake, maybe even the UPS man) will be begging you to attend their parties, asking you to bring “those” cookies! (Click “view the pictures” to see the secret recipe)

pecan dreams

So who created this amazing cookie? My Grandma, who we called Lala. Lala was an elegant, beautiful woman and I truly miss her every day. In the 50’s Lala worked at Sandia Laboratories where all women were required to wear a dress. One day Lala woke up, decided she was tired of that craziness, pulled on a pair of pants and headed into work. She made the front page of the papers and from that day forward women throughout the organization strutted in their pants. A free spirit and trend-setter, Lala was an important role model in our lives.

Lala was also an incredible cook. We grew up eating lemon squares. Dusted with powdered sugar they were soaked with the perfect balance of sweet and sour (taste-bud nervona). On Christmas Eve she would bring homemade pecan rolls which we’d warm in the oven before opening gifts. But the one thing she made that you must absolutely try are her Pecan Dream Cookies. They are simple to make but oh do they pack a punch. Never will you fear those words “could you just bring a dish”? That’s right young grasshopper. I’m about to place the pebble in your hand.

So here is the secret recipe for Lala’s Pecan Dream cookies. Get ready for your house to smell like the holidays! If you make them I hope you’ll let me know. Not only are they your best party +1, they are the perfect complement to a glass of champagne. Happy Holidays! (Photo below is of Lala and Grandpa xooxox )



Lala’s Peacon Dream Cookies


1 C Butter (warm till soft but not melted)

1/4 C powdered sugar

1 t vanilla

1T water

2 C flour

¼ t salt

2 C chopped pecans (toasted if you can)


1. Mix

2. Chill

3. Roll into balls or fingers

4. Bake 1 hour @ 250 degrees

5. Roll in powdered sugar while still warm

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