Dreaming of My First Trip

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I’ve been so busy over the last few weeks; I’ve not been able to post a blog. A real bummer because I do have some fabulous places to show you. In the mean time I ran across a photo of me when I was probably 6 months old. I am absolutely sure I was dreaming of my first trip…Note the look of anticipation, excited to hit the road (stroller, top pulled back), pop in a book on CD (Are You My Mother?) and take the first sip of 1/2 and 1/2 infused coffee (formula). I hope everyone is doing great! My next blog will post this week!

Ahhh Carmel … Dreaming of the Summer


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Pecan Dream Cookies…Stop Living in Fear!

You’ve been invited to a party and the host asks you to “bring a dish” – words that ignite horror, even in the bravest of men. You face your fears and make something. Sure you won’t eat it at the party, you still load it into your car. You arrive a little late. The room is abuzz. With the speed of an over-caffeinated chicken, you weave your way over the goodies table. Careful to not make eye contact you slip your plate toward the back. You got lucky this time. No one saw and therefore “that dish that remained untouched” is never linked to you. If this story sounds familiar then I say STOP THE MADDNESS! I am about to disclose a secret recipe passed down from generations that will make YOU the most sought after person for every party. I must warn you, it could change your world. Soon, distant friends and acquaintances (for god’s sake, maybe even the UPS man) will be begging you to attend their parties, asking you to bring “those” cookies! (Click “view the pictures” to see the secret recipe)

pecan dreams

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