Moss Landing CA Excursion

If you head south on Highway one from Santa Cruz you’ll pass a town called Moss Landing. A lot of people probably drive right by.  At first glance, your eyes are drawn to the huge smoke stacks.  But don’t let that deter you – there are some beautiful views, a harbor and a few good places to visit. When you see the sign for Moss Landing you’ll also see The Whole Enchilada Market Place. They have a unique farmers market where you can find many exotic fruits and vegetables at very reasonable prices. You’ll also find a fabulous restaurant called Phil’s Fish Market.  I stumbled upon it on my last trip and would make a special coastal run just to eat there.  It’s packed (I mean packed) so try to get there early (directions below).  If you want to take off on your own and try this trip, I would highly recommend it.  Get a good “Books on CD” and hit the road.  You won’t regret it!  (I took this photo on a cold, foggy morning. I absolutely love photographing in the fog! It softens the world around you muting colors and shapes.)

moss landing

A few details

– Website for Phil’s Fish Market:

– Dress warm (or bring a coat) – even though you’re in California it can get cold when you’re driving on the coast.

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