Very Inspiring Blogger Award


I wanted to thank an incredible blogger – for nominating me for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award.  When I started blogging I had no idea how much I would learn, and the incredibly talented people/writers/photographers I would discover. It has truly changed my life.  I feel very honored Laura, and…the feeling is mutual!

As a blogger, I find I’m sitting with my squinchy, binding my hair up over my head  as I hover over my keyboard (that’s my friend Carla’s vision – not all of us do this but apparently I do :))  I’m guessing a lot of bloggers think about this, but it does feel fun when you write your blog. However, after you tweak, modify, view, preview and then finally hit “publish”, you think (at least I do) is anyone out there???” Mom? Dad? Carla? Here’s what I’ve actually found – there are a lot of people out there. An incredible amount of creativity, inspiration and support. So what I like about this award is that I actually have the opportunity to highlight and nominate other blogs who inspire me.

So here are two things they’d like me to do if I’m nominated. Tell you a little bit about me (as if you need to know more) and tell you about a few of the bloggers that I love, and would nominate for this award.

A little bit about me –

  1. I believe that bacon is the 5th food group
  2. Champagne is the 6th
  3. “Not” jumping out of an airplane and/or hang gliding are on my bucket list
  4. I use extra Downey in my wash so my clothes smell like it
  5. I add too much cream in my coffee and although I’ve tried to change that I just don’t seem to have the will-power
  6. I believe that boots can be worn year-round
  7. I believe time is the greatest gift you can give anyone

Second, the blogs that inspire me and the ones I would nominate –

  16. I LOVE Canadian Hiking Photography and Patrick Latter’s work but I can only access it through WordPress. Here is the link to his site in case it works for you: (His work is amazing and he was the first person to follow me 😉


There are so many more incredible blogs, these are only a few! Thank you again Laura for this special nomination. xoxox

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Le Published Surgical Photography


Here is another surgical image that I took in Paris, France. I studied photography at the Speos Paris Photographic Institute (Which I’ll tell you more about in a later blog). My background is in the medical industry so when I took a year off to “Eat, Pray, Love” my experience involved moving to Paris and photography. (Among other things – wine, cafe crèmes, champagne, wonderful food, fabulous people, were some of the other things.) While I was there, I met many of my surgeon contacts / friends and had access into the operating rooms. The image in this photo was taken on a quadruple by-pass. I was in the OR for almost 7 hours which was only a portion of the surgery. I was so amazed at the intensity of the OR team over that much time. Such an amazing team. Again, I am honored to have the Le chose this photo for their story. Thank you!

PS: For the translation of La greffe pour lutter contre le déficit de la Sécu I believe it means The transplant to fight against the deficit of the Sécu (Stéphane, I hope I got that right! I’m trying to brush up on my French for my next trip to Europe.)

Would you like a print? Please click on “Contact”. My photography is printed on aluminum. Utilizing an advanced process which infuses dyes directly into the metal, the colors and saturation are really amazing. In addition, your print will be displayed using mount blocks which float the image ½ inch off the wall.

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