Photographing Reflections in Windows

Reflections in a Window Photography
“Reflections in a Window” Photography

Here’s another type of photography that I absolutely love (and I hope you’ll try): Photographing reflections in windows. A couple months ago I was in Manhattan Beach, California. One of my favorite things to do is walk along The Strand, which is a bike/foot path that runs along the ocean. On one side you have beautiful homes, the opposite side, the beach. The reflections in the windows are quite amazing and when I see a really cool one, I always take a quick pic. Larger windows with panels make the image even more interesting (Like you see in the photo below – that’s me on right, donning a baseball cap which is how I look most mornings).Β If you find some fabulous refections let me know! Β Cheers!

PS – if you missed my blog on Manhattan Beach, I hope you’ll check it out:

That's me on the right ;)
That’s me on the right πŸ˜‰

Sunset at Vasona Lake, Los Gatos CA

Vasona Lake View at Sunset
Vasona Lake View at Sunset

A few nights ago I was walking at Vasona Lake and shot this photo.Β I love framing images and I must say, I generally would not frame three trees smack in the middle of a photo.Β  But these trees seemed to work well together, and I lovedΒ the contrast of the different types of bark. I also like the tiny curling twig at the very top of the middle treeΒ – it looks like my hair in the morning, if you put a bunch together, you’d have a tangled mess.

Also, I have people tell me they have gone to this lake and they are not seeing the reflections.Β  I have a simple answer for that one. If you want to see reflections –Β you need to go early or late.Β  I’m not a real expert on this, but once the sun gets to a certain point, all of the reflections disappear.Β  The water becomes rippled, and the mystery seems to disappear.Β  I generally try to walk before 8am or after 6pm.Β  (But I have to admit – nothing beats the morning reflections.)Β  Most important is to actually stop and look. I pass so many people walking, running, talking (on their cell phones – ugh!) and I think “You’re missing this incredible beauty!”Β  Another quick note on Vasona Lake – all of the new spring leaves and flowers are starting to pop so it is absolutely gorgeous.Β If you don’t live nearby, find a local lake and pay it a morning visit.

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