A Sea of Cypress Trees

My very dear friend Richard told me about a grove of Cypress trees that sits on the cliffs in Moss Beach, just north of Halfmoon Bay in Northern California. So today I went in search of it. It’s a very peaceful, beautiful place to visit so I wanted to show you what it looks like and tell you how to get there.

First the pics…





You’ll also see some nice views of the ocean while walking under the shade of the trees.



To get there put the address to the Moss Landing Distillery in your GPS system. Park there (the last photo was one I took from the parking lot) then walk up past the restaurant and around to your left until you see the sign to the park. Walk straight past the sign and soon you’ll see the trees. Here’s the address for the restaurant and the location to the entry of the park. I hope you’ll check it out!



Stagecoach Road

If you visit the town of Pescadero, which is located off highway 1 in Northern California, you won’t be disappointed. I’ve blogged on it a few times so I thought I’d tell you about a scenic drive that will take you back to highway 1 if you’re heading north.

If you drive through town and keep going straight you’ll drive past the local cemetery which will be on your right. Just follow that road and enjoy some beautiful scenery. You’ll see cows, dodge deer, and wind around some gorgeous hills.

When the road hits a T you’ll see a country store on front of you. Stop in and get a beverage and stroll the isles. they have a lot of interesting things including a huge hat selection. I totally forgot to note the name so I will have to add that later. Then head west for about a mile and you’ll see highway 1 again. Here’s another pic from my drive today.


Best Kept Secret…Mexican Food to Drive For

I grew up in New Mexico so really appreciate good Mexican food. A few years ago I was in the quaint town of Pascadero and stopped for gas. While waiting for my tank to fill, I watched a ton of people enter and exit with bags of food. I went inside and found a little Mexican Restaurant. To this day it is one of my favorites. Today I got two tacos, (carnitas is the best in my opinion) rice and beans. I ate half and put the rest in an ice chest I always have when I do road trips. It was divine. I took a photo of the restaurant’s card so you have the information. (It’s a name that is way too long)


I’ve blogged on Pascadero before so will just add a last pic taken outside the local grocery store where it always smells like fresh baked bread. Yum!

Pigeon Point Lighthouse

It’s a stunning day and the coast is warm and sunny. I pulled over and walked along the trails by the Pigeon Point Lighthouse before heading to my favorite Mexican restaurant in Pascadero, our next stop!







Jam Tasting & a Field of Sunflowers

One of my favorite places to stop is Swanton Farms where you can taste jams, buy home baked pastries and organic foods. There is no one running a cash register, you just drop your money in the cash drawer and take your change. I stop here often but this time there was a fun surprise. As I pulled off the road I saw the most amazing field of sunflowers. Huge six and seven inch stocks! This is a great place to visit if you’re driving up the coast.









San Diego Road Trip: Manhattan Beach Homes & The Beach House Hotel

Manhattan Beach Home along The Strand
Manhattan Beach Home along The Strand

The Strand, which runs between Manhattan Beach and Hermosa Beach California, has some beautiful homes. (It’s actually longer but on this trip we’re just walking between those two towns)  The house which is in the photo above and below, are two of my favorite, although there are some beautiful smaller ones too. I wanted to show them to you along with some additional photos of The Strand and the beach:

Manhattan Beach Homes
Manhattan Beach Homes

You can see the contrast!

The Strand at Manhattan Beach California
The Strand at Manhattan Beach California
The pier at Manhattan Beach California
The pier at Manhattan Beach California
Surf ini Manhattan Beach California
Surf ini Manhattan Beach California

In addition, there is a beautiful hotel in Hermosa Beach called The Beach House Hotel. It is the only hotel in the area that actually sits right next to the beach.  If you stay there you can watch the volley ball players, joggers, skaters and it’s really quite beautiful. www.beach-house.com

The Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California
The Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California
The Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California
The Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California
The Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California - Lobby with gas fireplace
The Beach House Hotel in Hermosa Beach, California – Lobby with gas fireplace

I’m just about packed and then we’re off to San Diego!