Nutribullet V8 Juice


I’ve juiced quite a bit but what a hassle. You clean, cut and the push your fruits and veggies through a hole that’s just barely big enough. Apples, carrots, spinach and anything else you discover in the back of your refrigerator. Then, out the back of your juicer shoots a huge spray of residual material, piling like wet sawdust.Β Then youΒ slurp down the juice while starting theΒ the cleaning process. Dismantle, rinse and then where to put everything…where to put it???

Then I discovered the NutriBullet. They’ve not asked me to write this – it’s just that I absolutely LOVE mine! First, you drink the entire fruit / vegetable so it’s healthier than juicing. The setup is easy – you have a cup and a top. And cleanup is easy – rinse the cup and top. It has 600 watts of power so it can pretty much grind up anything. It can bust open seeds, crack through stems, and shred tough skin. It has 8 vs. 4 blades like your classic blender – that helps too.

Here is my special V8 recipe:

  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Carrots
  • Parsley
  • Whole lemon peeled
  • Red pepper (or yellow/green)
  • Flax seed
  • Plus a splash of tabasco sauce if you like it spicy
  • Ice
  • Also try fresh burdock root which you can find in Asian markets

Just shove the cup until it’s full.

Photo Girl V8 Juice

Add spring water to the “Max” line, and blend.Β  (I may be a tiny bit over and will pour a bit out πŸ˜‰

Photo Girl V8 Juice

I swear your skin will glow after you drink it!Β  If you try it let me know!

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Healthy Eggnog

One look at a glass of eggnog and you can feel your pants getting tighter. Some of it’s so thick, it’s almost impossible to suck it through a straw. You’re left holding your head back stuggling to get that last thick glop at the bottom of your glass. Well, stress no more! I ran across this healthy eggnog recipe and wanted to pass it along. In fact I’m sipping it as I type and I must say it’s devine. So here is how you make it:

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